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If you develop a game with DimensioneX, we host it for free.

We give you a game server slot for your game, and an admin password to perform all necesary operations such as restart game, see log, etc.

The game source and media files can be hosted onto your own webspace (please verify your web space provider allows hotlinking). If you don't have a suitable web space, we give you a free web space. Uploading files will be via FTP or HTTP.

We give you credit as a DimensioneX project contributor on this page:

We advertise your game on DimensioneX web site

We don't ask you money, nor to put banners. We just require your game is kept updated and bug-free with a minimal maintenance.

To have all of the above you have to simply send a request via e-mail to cris (at) by specifying "dimensionex" in the subject.

And now, play the games hosted here!